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Doctors and Diseases: Iatrogenics

Disease can be defined by the inevitable results of wrong living habits. Majority of Medical Science researches and studies the dying and/or dead to find out how to care for the living (seems as though there's an issue there doesn't it?)
Don't be fooled by the "Germ Theory", for your body is your humble servant, not your enemy. Your body heals itself!
And we must not be blind to the fact that there's much more profit in "looking for a cure for diseases" than serving the cure for diseases! For what doctors have went to school all that time for was to learn how to "Practice Medicine"; hence the phrase "Medical Practice". But in actuality YOU are the only one that knows when your body feels pain or hurt!

Just think about all the "Profit Pharmaceutical and Over-The-Counter Drugs In America" alone makes.... For in America, more people have died from taking the drugs (that supposedly treats and heals) that doctors prescribe than ALL other causes combined! And majority of the population is oblivious to knowing that they're not getting well NOT due to the illness, but rather the drugs they're taking (which not to mention have side effects; and if you don't believe it.... Just lookup clinical trial studies). And here is the irony... The body has what it needs inside to heal us, but when we drop that poison called medicine inside of us, then the body has to STOP going to work on healing us, to direct its attention on getting rid of the new problem we placed within us! 
Order these herbs to aid your body in healing from the above...
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The Dangers of Dialysis

We should understand that our Kidneys are our trusted friends, for these 4-inch, 4-ounce bean shaped organs (made up of 75 miles of tubing each), filter the blood in order to make urine, and release and retain water, plus they remove waste and nitrogen from our body (which is the excretory system). These little "Miracle Machine Workers" take about 18 quarts of water and turns that into about a pint in a half EVERY HOUR so we can urinate! One cannot overstate their importance! Now here's the bad issue with Doctors urging one to get on the Dialysis.... These 2 Things:

1. They restrict your intake of water and place you on many drugs! Even the procedure and placement of the "shunt", and taking away your ability to urinate properly (most walk around reaking the scent of urine), which is a killer seeing that humans are around 71% water makeup! EVERYONE that gets on the Dialysis dies.... And the constant drugs (medicine) and stoppage of water intake kills your Kidneys, Liver, and Heart! 

2. If you cannot pay for this so-called treatment (they can subsidize it with the Government)... For as ludicrous as it is to be on the machine, it is very "lucrative" for the Doctors pockets. They'll even come pick up the patients... And if a patient misses an appt. (usually 3 times a week), they get highly irate and frustrated with the patients due to them needing to justify their machines running for those hours. That's their "Money Maker" long as the machine is operating.
Order these herbs to aid your body in healing from the above...
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Immunizations: "We Were Never Meant To Get Shots With Needles"

We must understand that getting "injected" is not naturally common; for the animals of nature's environment do not need them. Therefore neither do we! There's "poison" within the shots! Here's the reasoning why shots are deadly...
"They By-Pass Our Bloodstream & Natural Filtering System"
The only thing that should go through this human unit; is through the mouth...

Even though they say for our children it is a necessity, this is NOT ACCURATE... For it is a Constitutional Right for you and your children to NOT have the shot (just look on back of the very form they attempt to get you to sign the waiver for). Many just aren't informed. Just think about the common sense factor here; none of us know what's in the shot do we? We must remember that the shot only helps the one that is selling it to you! And also remember that the States' promote it due to them getting a certain percentage for them selling the drugs!!! 
Order these herbs to aid your body in healing from the above...
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Thyroid and Goiters

The Thyroid is literally an "inch in weight and weighs an ounce"; it causes us to grow and serves multitudes of purposes, such as getting its orders from the Pituitary Gland. So then, what is a Goiter exactly? Well a goiter is an abnormal enlargement of your thyroid gland. And although goiters are usually painless, a large goiter can cause a cough and make it difficult for you to swallow or breathe. Not to mention Thyroid issue usually stem from a "lack of iodine; iodine deficiency" and "Iron". And issues with thyroids can be reversed and annihilated simply by giving the body what it needs: 

The Raw Ingredients From The Earth... Herbs

Order these herbs to aid your body in healing from the above...
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Dangers Of Processed Foods!!!

Now we come to the topic that is perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT of all the above.... The "Roots of All Diseases and Illnesses"! For the very word "Processed" itself signifies that a change has been done; moreover a processed procedure undergone... 

Which is "The Life Being Removed From The Food".

Now let's just be clear, for this was not the "original intent" (to remove the life from the food so that it makes us sick)... But it is a known fact that "Living Food Spoils Quickly"... And that represents a monetary loss for America. Therefore they had to devise a way to recoup that loss. So they take out that part that spoils, and give us the "Residue". 

But we are supposed to eat the "Essence" of the Food (the Life of the Food), and our bodies automatically discard the rest via our Colon. Because Processed Food is alikened to "Non-Clean Burning Fuel" for example... Living Food is the difference between "Natural Gas and Coal", in being that Coal leaves a severe residue on everything it touches, and pollutes whatever it falls upon... But it also leaves an ash when it's burned. And that ash is not clean burning... So likewise with us when we eat Living, Clean, Fueled Foods such as:


These are the Natural Selection of Living, Clean, Fueled Foods that leave NO RESIDUE behind whatsoever. But the other side to the coin suggests:  


These leave severe residue... Soo bad in fact, that the first place it shows up is on our teeth! So the processed foods are the WORST ENEMY your body will ever face! For our bodies can only run as well as the fuel we put in it; no different than a vehicle with gasoline. And this is usually a good measuring block and rule of thumb:



Every 90 Days We Have New Blood...
Every 11 Months New Organs...
Every 2 Years We Have New Bones...

You see..... Our bodies were created to rebuild itself automatically.... And with proper dieting (energy/ food intake), water, exercise, and healing herbs.... You WILL NOT get sick!

Order these herbs to aid your body in healing from the above...
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What Are Herbs?

Herbs are the highest quality known to man containing vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in natural balance and harmony provided by Mother Nature. God created Mother Nature to provide us with water to quench thirst, air to breathe, fire for light, grains for hunger, and so on.
The answer to all human problems lies in maintaining balance with the earth.
An herb is a plant or plant extract, including leaves, bulbs, bark, covering, berries, roots, gums, seeds, stems and flowers which are bestowed with nourishing and healing elements. Herbs have been used for healthcare throughout different ages and cultures of history. Herbs have the elements that help the human body to live in harmony with nature and its laws. Herbal treatments not only heal but also nurture the body. Given how the American diet has diminished in the last 50 years, now is the time for modern families to incorporate herbs into their lifestyle, thereby, living a balanced and healthy life.

Herbs are the most natural way to cure all kind of diseases, from minor ailments to the most life threatening ones. Studies shows that about 25 percent of the prescription drugs dispensed in the United States contain at least one active ingredient derived from herb material. Some are made from herbal extracts; others are synthesized to imitate a natural herb compound. Herbal medicines and treatment can be divided into eight branches in Ayurveda: General Medicine, Surgery, ENT/ Eye Disease, Toxicology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Sexology, and Virility. There are so many pearls lying in the deep ocean with vast knowledge of this system, we just need to dive in and search the herbs which are valued for medicinal, aromatic or savory qualities. Therefore "Click Below" to immerse yourself in the "World of Healing Your Body Naturally w/ Herbs"........
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